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Lewis's Hardy Fruit Trees & Giant Pumpkins's%20trees!%20-%20for%20every%20reason%20and%20season.html
In case you happen to live in a colder climate area and you still dream of a back yard full of delicious fruit trees, do not despair! Ron Lewis has a solution for that. A math and science/physics teacher, and a man of heart, Ron has been planting, advising and selling hardy fruit trees for many years. So, if you ever decide to make your dream come true, give Ron a call/email and you will have precious knowledge and experience on your side. I did...

February 12, 2011

Europe Travel Tips
Welcome to the World Travel Tips web site, a resource for general information, top destinations, and informative tips for travel to countries around the world, where members can also share and discuss their own world travels.

January 28, 2006

Welcome to, the largest site in the world on all aspects of how we change one another's minds. There are already around 1700 pages here, with much more to come!

January 21, 2006
Human Media is a trade name of Far Reaching Communications, a small, for-profit production house which performs public broadasting production and distribution activities for The Network and others. We view the exciting, evolving apparatus of mass communications as an unprecedented opportunity for public service that can help to build a more cohesive sense of community. Our vision of community is based on personal ideals and values, such as compassion, service, generosity and equality. We aim to serve the large and growing audience of people who seek a positive alternative to media negativity and exploitation. Human Media attempts to address -- and call forth -- the highest part of people.

January 16, 2006

More than 176.000 km2 for the most enjoyable holiday ever. This beautiful country, 30° south of the Equator, is a green retreat between the Atlantic and the River Plate basin. Relatively short distances and an even climate allow varied, year-round activities for the nature-lovers. From its hills and vast praires, you can always gaze as far as the horizon. Uruguay occupies the sixth place in the World Ranking of the Environmental Sustainability Index 2002, according to Study presented by the universities of Yale and Columbia (U.S.A.) covering a total of 142 nations.

January 16, 2006

DCR Images - Wildlife Photography and Adventure Travel
"Over the years my trips have gravitated towards wildlife photography.  Wildlife photography and adventure travel are actually a good combination.  It turns out that to photograph a lot of wildlife you need to travel to remote locations.  My travels have taken me across both the Arctic circle and the Antarctic circle."

January 16, 2006

" is an online community that provides technical support to computer users for free. We prefer to call our users "Clients," because we have the philosophy that, despite our service being free, you should still receive the highest quality technical support. If you have a computer problem - anything from hardware to HTML problems - then submit your question to us for help! We support nearly everything: PCs, Macs, Unix and PDAs."

March 21, 2004

Wisdom Media
"WISDOMŽ Media Group is a wholly owned subsidiary of WISDOMŽ Media Holdings Incorporated. WISDOM Media Group consists of WISDOMŽ Television, WISDOMŽ Radio and WISDOMŽ Internet. These media outlets were created to respond to our country's booming appetite for information about personal growth, alternative medicine, social consciousness, spirituality, relationships and global issues.
Our champion for the WISDOMŽ family was Turner Vision founder/president Bill Turner, an altruistic, optimistic man who strongly believed in the universal laws of nature. Motivated by his own thirst for knowledge about how to better himself, he launched the three Turner Vision affiliates - the much-lauded WISDOM Television, WISDOM Radio and now WISDOM Internet."

March 7, 2004

"What sort of country do you want to belong to? What ties us together as Australians? What tears us apart? Since Federation in 1901, people have felt that they belonged or did not belong in Australia for many different reasons. Belonging explores some of the ways people experienced 'belonging' in Australia in the twentieth century. Drawing on the extensive collections of the National Archives of Australia, the National Library of Australia, the State Library of New South Wales, and the State Library of Victoria, this exhibition challenges viewers to consider the question: Where do I belong?"

February 22, 2004
"Free classical guitar sheet music. offers you access to a library of free sheet music containing some of the most beautiful pieces of music from the legacy of the classical guitar. This site respects the copyrights of authors and editor. The site currently boasts 143 sets of classical guitar sheet music. The sheet music is made available in .PDF format."

February 15, 2004

Miss Patty's English Web Page 

"This [Mexican] site is intended to provide you with some extra tools and information to go along with our English Class."

October 12, 2003


"WorldVillage is a family of web sites focused on providing a family-friendly Internet experience. Each one of our sites carves out a specific niche we believe serves a portion of the home computing market. Main features include software reviews, downloads, “clean” chat rooms, discussion boards, online games, contests, newsletters, special offers, a banner exchange, free email, and a family-friendly search engine."

October 4, 2003

Tools for a Happier Life

"Never one to do anything half way, I did one year of intensive treasure in - treasure in, nothing but treasure... no news, no day time talk shows, no tv, pure chicken soup for the soul, empowering songs, quotes... the best questions. I was living in a 22 ft travel trailer and I was the happiest person on earth. I knew the darkness in my world still existed. I simply refused to focus on it if I wasn't working constructively to change it and for that time I was only working to break my consistent focus on the negative."

September 29, 2003


"Polyglot is a non profit community dedicated to language exchange. If you want to learn a new language, exchange with native speakers to improve your language skills. If you are fond of foreign languages, student, employee of an international company, globe traveller or simply eager to discover new cultures, you are at the right place! The whole site is FREE !"

September 20, 2003

Young Blood's & Morning Star's Home of Information 

"We are not a member of the ancient line of Blackfoot people going back before time. But We are here to represent them and their traditional believers in their ancient ways that were given to them by iits-tsi-pah-ta-pii-op - the Source of Life. We are not a member of any other organization or political party. We do not espouse any "ism" and have pledged my life to live by their old ways and beliefs. We, however, alive in the modern age and we use the technology of the present era to educate relatives, friends and ourselves along with the world."

September 13, 2003

Problems of Humanity

"Today we are confronted by signs of turbulence, uncertainty and change on a global scale. The nation-state, the free market and traditional religions, which have proved adequate for so long, are showing unmistakable signs of strain as they struggle to deal with the new realities of a profoundly inter-connected world. All are suffering from a lack of vision. In fact, the crisis they face can only be described as spiritual, so far-reaching are its implications. Humanity is being called upon to mobilize its deepest resources of heart and mind, to respond to an era of growing integration and synthesis. Can we collectively learn to set aside, once and for all, the barriers in consciousness which have until now separated nationalities, religions, and social classes from one another, and learn to work for one humanity? On this question turns nothing less than the future of the world.

Concerned people of goodwill need a deepened understanding of the basic problems underlying the present world crisis, so they can contribute effectively to the transition into a new civilization and consciousness. The challenge of establishing right human relationships between peoples and nations should be of paramount concern to these people, who are the hope of the future. Only they, in their millions, can create the enlightened public opinion that will turn the tide of world events.

These web pages are an online experiment in assisting people of goodwill to understand world events, and to contribute their ideas towards possible solutions."


September 5, 2003


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